The Versatile Bloggers Award


This post is for all my lovely fellow bloggers out there! I am so delighted that I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award (VBA) by the gorgeous Bethany-Jane over at Adventure and Anxiety. You need to check out her blog as it covers everything from beauty to books – there is so much great content!

So here’s the rules of  the VBA:

  • Give a shout out to the sweet blogger that nominated you.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Include 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 10-15 more lovely bloggers for the award.

Onto those facts about me…this is the part I was kind of dreading, like the moment when you go to an event or course and they say ‘let’s have an icebreaker – tell us an interesting fact about yourself’ as they make their way around the group I am often sent into a state of anxiety thinking I don’t do anything interesting *face palm*.

But anyway here are my facts!

  1. I’m probably one of the world’s clumsiest / accident prone people. The most interesting recent ‘incident’ involved me falling down the Spanish Steps in Rome in front of hundreds of shocked onlooking tourists. This resulted in me limping around for the remainder of our holiday and many trips to the hotel bar to fetch a champagne bucket filled with ice to take up to our room.
  2. I LOVE animals, I have two greyhounds, Billy and Rumble, both of whom are ex-racers that we rescued from the Retired Greyhound Trust. They make such amazing pets, everyone should have one (maybe I’m a bit biased)!
  3. I have been horse riding since the age of 9, I’ve owned a few of my own horses since then, the most recent was my horse Lenny who I owned for 8 years. I was devastated that I had to sell him when I began university last year but I couldn’t have found him a more perfect new home.
  4. I started at university last September to study a degree in Adult Nursing. It’s tough being a student nurse but it is so rewarding helping others, cliche I know!
  5. I met my boyfriend in a small pub that I’d never been in before on boxing night, I only went over to speak to him because I saw him wrestling with a Christmas tree that he ended up knocking over…what possessed me I’ll never know! I can assure you no Christmas trees were harmed and luckily none have been wrestled since.
  6. In December I’m off to Sydney, Australia for New Year! I’m so excited but also really scared of the 26 hour flight…HELP!
  7. I made it to number 7, yay! Italy is my favourite country, especially Rome which I’ve been to 3 times now. Amazing surroundings, heaps of pizza and wine, what more could a girl want…

Next up – my nominations… These are some of my favourite bloggers that I’ve found recently, please go and check them out, they’ll appreciate it so much and they have so many great posts to share with you!

Vicky – Vix Meldrew
Helena Gomez – Beaut Chic
Rhianna – Robowecop
Becca – itsbeccajayne
Maria – Maria J
Katy – Lexi Life
Amy – Mama Amelia
Srna – A Crush on Life
Aloha Kirstie – A Yellow Brick Blog
Ashley – Ashley Nicole
Meegan – It’s Meegan
Allie Davies – Tye Dye Eyes
Jessica Erler – Jessica Emily

Finally, keep an eye out for new fashion posts next week – my plan is to take some photos this weekend once I’m home from the Lake District (if the weather is on my side).



  1. 13th September 2016 / 5:54 pm

    Wow Jess Ann thank you so much for nominating me, and saying that I’m one of your favourite bloggers, it means a lot! I really love your 7 facts! They all are very interesting and it seems like a lot goes on with you. Sorry about your fall that must’ve been embarrassing. It’s great that you horseback ride too! I took some lessons when I was younger and still wish I was doing it. Lovely post!


  2. 16th September 2016 / 12:33 pm

    Thank you so much for your lovely mention! I’ve had a few days of travel and haven’t had time to sit down and thank you properly. Loved your seven facts and can’t wait to do mine! 🙂

    <3, Srna

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